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Behavior Description Technologies (BDT) is committed to developing cost-efficient and scientifically supported Human Resource Systems

About BDT

Incorporated in 1984 under the name of Human Performance Systems, BDT grew as an extension of our Industrial Psychology practice.

BDT research shows that many -- even most-- human performance management systems are focused on what is being done rather than how it is being done. There are very few accurate, systematic and defensible ways to measure and describe optimal performance. This research shows that an ideal work space can only exist when the right people are doing the right things because they want to.

BDT solutions help employers measure these three critical variables using proven, published and peer reviewed scientific methods.

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What is BDI?

Behavior Description (BD) Interviewing is the most accurate and most scientific interviewing method available. It is the "holy grail" of interviewing and is sought by seasoned and professional practitioners, academics, and the new breed of interviewing professionals determined to "do it right".

BD differs greatly from typical behavioral interviewing approaches. Based on published research we begin with a much clearer definition of the interview criteria, matching the questions carefully and checking for agreement between job experts to ensure job relatedness and maximum validity.

BD benefits everyone involved with interviewing. A trained BD interviewer can select at triple the accuracy typical of traditional methods.Hiring managers get better people, employers save money, candidates are treated more fairly and HR professionals have the peace of mind knowing that this selection strategy meets and exceeds regulatory requirements.

Your organization can benefit tremendously by utilizing this great advancement in selection technology. Contact us today for a complete guide to better assessment decisions.


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